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Opening times Vevey mon - fri: 8h 22h sat: 9h 17h sun: 9h 15h

Opening times St-Légier mon - wed - fri: 7h 21h30 tue - thu: 8h 21h30 sat - sun: 9h 15h

who are we ?

Welcome to our Interactive web page!

Log3 took over in 2006 from the already existing Riviera fitness centre founded in 1984. Our first mission was to instill new life into the centre, by creating a warm and welcoming feeling. Thus focusing on the advice given by others and the general good humor of the people who join. We welcome all age groups and backgrounds. Indeed, it is this vast mixture of cultures and generations that highlight the originality and authenticity of Log3.

Our friendly atmosphere allows us to participate and guide you in your new discovery of fitness, and the realization of your potential. It also enables us to help surpass yourselves if you so desire...

Thanks to the professionalism of our team, Log3 is recognized by the QUALITOP brand, so we may collaborate with medical centers, enhancing the connections between sport and medical attention.

Our objectives include: helping those in need of fitness advice, and accompanying them throughout their journey; we are also here to help put in action achievable fitness goals.

Equally, we offer simple methods of fitness training adapted to the individual, which will guarantee your consistent improvement. Log3 answers to the needs of each individual, whether you are a novice, an amateur or an elite sportsman. As an example, we help train the star players of the Vevey Riviera Basketball club.

We will provide you with a service targeted at your entire body...

We achieve this by giving you access to zones within the centre, specifically targeted at your muscle or cardiovascular improvement. Moreover, we can offer you therapeutic options, such as our various massages or perhaps a session of electro stimulation. In addition there is an ample Spa at your disposition, allowing for a calming and relaxing experience, which is just what you deserve.

We may also offer you some Nutritional advice, which will be tailored to individual tastes whilst also being adaptable to each season.

Whoever you may be, and whatever your objectives, do not hesitate to contact us. It will be our great pleasure to show you around the fitness centre, and to offer you a free trial!

Be realistic, and ask for the impossible!

Team Log3