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Opening times Vevey mon - fri: 8h 22h sat: 9h 17h sun: 9h 15h

Opening times St-Légier mon - wed - fri: 7h 21h30 tue - thu: 8h 21h30 sat - sun: 9h 15h

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Be Realistic: Ask for the impossible.

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Lets work out together!

We are guaranteed to be 100% reliable and will help you to rapidly attain your objectives with encouragement, good humor and professionalism.

Pure Strength

Our diverse choice of weight machines will help you to not only improve your muscles but will also help to tone your body whilst reducing your stress levels.

Are you more of a lightweight? Don’t worry! A great selection of benches and barbells await you!

Put your heart into it!

ATM, elliptical, bikes, spinning, treadmills, rowing machines…Do you enjoy sweating buckets? Whilst being able to read a book or watching your favourite TV shows? Then our newest equipment straight from the USA is made just for you!!! Even Buzz Lightyear would give it a go!

Group Lessons

Here are some of our suggestions:








Stay tuned

Bruce Lee was already in the know. Tonification, recuperation, anti-pain... all without too much effort. The electro stimulation is so up to date! Thanks to our Compex devices you can get fit without having to lift a finger!

Coffee time

Spark a joke... exchange your ideas... opinions... in the company of a coffee or squash... all in good humor... many of us spend hours... at our friendly bar/reception.

Now, would you like some sugar in that coffee?

Outdoor Training

Let's expand our playground... Cutting down our walls... Exploring new areas ... Let it breath... . Keeping our recipes, these workouts are fun, effective. It helps you keeping in shape while developing your team spirit, your instinct for adventurer and stimulating your child soul... . Topics as varied as our environment... . In summary : sport, freedom, fun, discovery, sweat, laughter and aches. The spirit Log3... the roof and walls in less !

Be Free, Be Wild !

Rope on Fire

Join us! Give the best ! Move in record time: 30 minutes! And do not stop .... Not until we tell you! Alternate work building muscle with cardiovascular exercise: jumping rope! Move your legs like never before! Boost your metabolism and burn fat! No experience required to skipping rope !

Rope on Fire !

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