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Opening times Vevey mon - fri: 8h 22h sat: 9h 17h sun: 9h 15h

Opening times St-Légier mon - wed - fri: 7h 21h30 tue - thu: 8h 21h30 sat - sun: 9h 15h

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I have had enough of the «fitness/ check me out» atmosphere and feeling out of place... I’ve tried so many different gyms! I am looking for something authentic and new, so I can share my moments of «pain» in good company.

Of course I know what a fitness centre is, but I’m not sure if its something I would enjoy... I’m not convinced that it will do me any good.. any ideas?

I haven’t been to the gym for ages, and I no longer understand my body... I need to reconnect to forgotten sensations, and take some time to discover myself again.

Wanting to keep myself fit, I am beginning to realize that I have never really given it time. I need some to help kickstart good habits. Are you the best people to get me on my feet?

Sport is my life! I want to let off some steam and test my limits whilst learning some new exercises... As a result I really need a sparring partner, do you think you could make me a personalised programme?

I need some space to work out, and a personal trainer to help prepare me for competitions. I want to test my limits and lead my team to victory…can you propose an intense training session for me?