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The road to health is not suffering.

The oldest known remains massage therapy. The contact is for each of us mainly on emotional and physical. Beyond hearing, sight, taste and smell, touch there. For proof, U.S. scientists have demonstrated that any human being should be touched 77 times per day for his well-being. This comes to us from our birth: babies need a contact to thrive.

Massage treats a person on three levels: physical, mental and spiritual. Massage helps to counteract the stress of body and mind and it helps us to understand life in a positive way.

Former gym teacher became medical therapist, Christian Meier studied in Zürich (for training medical therapy) in one of three schools approved by the Swiss Complementary Medicine. He specializes in Dorn and Trigger Point therapy. To this day, he continues to deepen his knowledge by attending various seminars and trainings each year.

Through his professional investment, he is recognized by the RME (= Registry empirical medicine) and ASCA (= Swiss Foundation for Complementary Medicines). Getting their seal of quality, Christian Meier is covered by all supplementary insurance required in Switzerland.

Massage can act in these various fields physical and mental, it is a medical relaxation.

- Relaxation / relaxation

- Water retention

- Fatigue / Chronic Fatigue

- Various inflammations (epycondinite, tendonitis, ...)

- Sciatica

- Sports massage

- Lumbago

- Menstrual Pain

- Rheumatism

- Joint pain and rheumatic

- Whiplash

- Headaches

- Chronic Pain

- Help after injuries, operations or accidents (eg prosthesis, ...)

- Digestive Disorders

- Dislocation

- ...

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