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The great art of being happy is the art of living well.

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Therapeutic Massage

Nothing is more relaxing and rejuvenating than a massage. The revitalizing and therapeutic qualities of this practice are now widely recognized and appreciated by traditional medicine.

Practiced since ancient times, massage is an art born in the East, which is said to reunify body and mind. It is an essential and preferred way to discover and understand the body.

Effective to relieve stress and promote blood and lymphatic circulation, it is designed by means of conventional essential or oils and leads you to a better life.

Fields of impact :

- Regeneration of muscles, bones and connective tissue

- Easing back pain

- Lessening rheumatism

- Aids in healing after injuries and operations (orthopedic)

- Release muscle (lumbago)

- Relief of sciatica

- Relaxation and recreation

- Relief of various conditions such as insomnia, digestive, exhaustion, headaches, migraines

- Support for depression

- Clearance during respiratory

- ...


Reflexology is an ancient technique that has its roots in the heart of the ancient civilizations of China, India and Egypt. The whole body system is represented in the hands and feets.

This manual technique uses a whole body approach to energy, and similar to that used in shiatsu, acupuncture or osteopathy.

The therapist softly stimulates the reflex zones (7,200 nerve endings in the foot).

Fields of impact :

- Digestive disorders

- Colds, sinusitis, tonsillitis

- Hormonal disorders

- ...


Smells of everyday life have a vital function. Smell is a sense that we know, but we neglect as an integral part of our life support system.

Just a simple cold is enough for us to realize its importance: a massage with essential oil of lemon and you're revitalized.

Aromatherapy uses the "olfactory memories" to act on the surface or in the depth of our health and well-being. Many flavors are available in natural essential oils. You will be surprised at the results

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