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We will guide you in finding classes that will help target your «critical» zones as well as your «essential» muscles. Your schedules must be hectic; so leave the organization up to us!
Give it a go!


Do you like to dance? To move your body to the beat? R'N'B... Latino... would you like to teach your hips to move, and to improve your flexibility?

If you like to have fun, then come on down to an URBANJAM session

where you can learn some great group choreography in time to the beat.


If you are looking to enhance and tone your «booty» as well as improve the muscles in your thighs. STOP and look no further... this class is made for Ladies just like you! All of our exercises are targeted specifically at your lower limbs.


Do you want to discover simple yet effective exercises for your body? Do you like to rock to the beat and feel the groove? Do you want to be led by a coach to help obtain a more toned and slender body?

Then here we are! K-PUMP is specifically tailored to the individual, no matter what your fitness level. This session will enable you to continually progress whilst achieving your objectives, and much more.


A waist to refine? A little tummy you want to disappear? Lower back pains you want gone? Desperately seeking some abs? Need to recuperate after just having a baby, or would you like to reinforce your perineum muscles?

These 30 minutes of abdominal exercises are just right for you! This class involves some intense work to your abdominals.


There is nothing better than some atmospheric music and pleasant scents to relax your body. Enjoy both through stretching and deep breathing exercises to get you in the mood...

Every month, you will be deeply concentrating on a sensitive zone (back, pelvis, shoulders, ...) and then finish off with stretching exercises that will target your entire body. Satisfy your wellbeing!


Back to basics! Effective core exercises ... always pushing you to even more muscular endurance ... more power ... more fat burning ... more sweat ... more screams from the monitors ... and above all FUN!

Ladies and gentlemen, you'll be back!


Discover your inner balance through yoga? Let yourself be transported into the world of well-being, while awakening your senses. Being in a calm and peaceful atmosphere, you will discover breathing techniques and basic postures of hatha yoga. Tone the body ... energy ... and find inner peace ... the keywords of yoga.

Stop in time to harmonize the body and mind.


You want to mix up sport and fun? Come and join our energetic Zumba ® Fitness class in an hour long fusion of cardio, aerobics with Latin-inspired heats, upbeat world rhythms (salsa, merengue, cumbia, reggaeton, bachata, kuduro, belly dance, hindi pop, country ...) and latest hot hits.

Every week, on fresh, lively and entertaining easy-to-follow choreographies, mix up dance and fitness, fun and sport in a crazy atmosphere, for a total-body workout that feels like a celebration. So simple, yet amazing!

Every class feels like a party! It's easy and fun! Come try it, we promise we will have a blast together!

So... Are you ready to party yourself into shape?


Do you want to participate in a course quick and well done ? No time to lose : with this lesson in 45 minutes, you get down to the core.. Two in one.... Three in one.... All exercises introduced in this course can be carried out in several ways. One exercise and several muscles will be used ! You remain focused... You keep the rythm and as a result, your body stays active ! Nothing is left to chance ! All muscles are used in combination. Not one... not two... but three body parts working at the same time ! Fast and Furious , that's it !


Let's expand our playground... Cutting down our walls... Exploring new areas ... Let it breath... . Keeping our recipes, these workouts are fun, effective. It helps you keeping in shape while developing your team spirit, your instinct for adventurer and stimulating your child soul... . Topics as varied as our environment... . In summary : sport, freedom, fun, discovery, sweat, laughter and aches. The spirit Log3... the roof and walls in less !

Be Free, Be Wild !


Join us! Give the best ! Move in record time: 30 minutes! And do not stop .... Not until we tell you! Alternate work building muscle with cardiovascular exercise: jumping rope! Move your legs like never before! Boost your metabolism and burn fat! No experience required to skipping rope !

Rope on Fire !


Strength back ? Work your pelvic floor? Exercise your transverse abdominis ? You are at the right place! You perform exercises combined with breathing, concentration and relaxation. You practice functional, quiet and tonic movements to the maximum stretch. Improve your posture and stabilize your body by developing your flexibility and strength.

Objectives: a strong back and a flat belly !


Cardio, strength and tenacity? Mind-blowing! This exhilarating class consists of compounded movements derived from various combat sports, all to a truly liberating music! Non stop punching and kicking! Nothing can stop you! Improve your stamina, increase your strength! Power, speed, and coordination are the core aims of this class!

Fly like a butterfly !